Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Silver Inserts for EVALAM interlayer film laminated glass (1)

Silver Inserts for EVALAM interlayer film laminated glass (1)

 Ethylene Vinyl Acetate EVA Interlayer Film for Laminated Glass

EVA Film:
EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer, a copolymer resin used in the production of laminated glass as the interlayer film sandwiched between two pieces of glass, like PVB Interlayer Film, and SGP Interlayer Film. The main function of the interlayer is to stick the two piece of glass together, in order to make the sandwiched glass safer and more secure.

EVA Film performs excellent in bonding strength, heat resistance, cold resistance, humidity resistance and tensile strength in laminated glass. It has been partly taking the places of PVB film in laminated safety glass, laminated art glass, and laminated color glass.
EVA film is not adhesive at room temperature. After heating, it melts and has cross-link reaction. In the production of laminated glass with EVA interlayer film, no autoclave, roller press, air bag, or vacuum rubber ring is required. As EVA interlayer Film can be processed under normal climatic conditions, no clean room with climatic control is required in PVB lamination. And the laminating machine line of laminated glass with EVA Film is less cost and easier to install. All laminating processing will be finished and completed in one vacuum laminator. EVA Film for laminated glass has excellent transparency, outstanding adhesion and aging-resistance (more than 15 years), can be used for architectural glass, decorative glass with fabric, privacy glass, auto glass etc.

Advantages of EVA film :
- High tensile strength
- Excellent transparency
- Outstanding adhesion
- UV protection
- High impact resistance
- Good temperature withstanding
- Water proof
- Humidity durable
- Long-term reliable (long-term aging resistance)
- Sound barrier

Names of EVA FILM for Laminated Glass
Some will call EVA Film in different name:
-laminated glass eva interlayer
-ethylene vinyl acetate film
-solar eva film
-glass lamination film
-glass laminating film
-laminating film rolls
-lamination film
-safety glass film
-tempered glass film
-security glass film
-glass eva film
-laminate film
-security laminate film
-decorative glass film
-stained glass film