Saturday, November 15, 2014

EVAFORCE EVA FILM SUPER PLUS samples for safety laminated glass


The adhesive strength of EVA Film is very important for laminated glass. The adhesion will affect the safety of laminated glass and the delamination of laminated glass.
So, which factors will influence the adhesion of EVA Film:

1.The type of EVA Film
Generally speaking, the super-transparent EVA Film is stronger in adhesion than the normal transparent EVA Film. The outdoor type EVA Film is stronger in adhesion than the indoor type of EVA Film.

2.The manufacturer of the EVA Film
Because different EVA Film manufacturer has different formula of producing EVA Film. So the adhesion of the EVA Film will be different. 

3.Heating temperature of the EVA Film
When laminating the EVA Film, the heating temperature will affect the cross link reaction and coupling reaction, which will lead to the adhesive strength of the EVA Film.

4. The Heating Time
The heating time must be long enough for the cross link reaction and coupling reaction to be fulfilled completely. 

5.The storage of the EVA Film
If you open the package of the EVA Film, then don't use up, the left EVA Film may absorb some moisture, which will do harm to the adhesion strength.

CNC Glass Interlayer 
Product 1]Super Clear EVA Film for safety laminated glass
Product 2]Milky White EVA Film for safety laminated glass 
Product 3]Green Tape for fixing pre-laminated glass glazing
Product 4] EVA Thermal Cutter for cleaning EVA film safety laminated glass edges overflowed remains