Friday, September 28, 2018


Blades of Thermocutters Thermoplastic hot knife cutters

• Can cut thermoplastic materials up to 5 inches thick 
  - depending on material density
• Blade heats up instantly
• Lightweight and dependable, these cutters always get the 
  job done
• Find the tool that is right for you - we currently offer 4 
  different blade types

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Thermocutters aid in many types of construction projects that involve thermoplastics. Quickly terminate fiber optics, cut braided sleeving to size, trims tarps, or streamline any thin plastic application you can imagine. We supply a variety of blades and tools to help you with your solutions.

Choose the blade and cutter to suit your solution/application. Blades are designed to route heat along the cutting edge for smooth cutting. Before cutting material, the blade temperature will be between 200°F and 1400°F, depending on the thermocutter model and blade type. As the blade passes through the material it cools down. The blade temperature is directly affected by the properties of the material being cut - this will determine the cutting speed.

Peter Lin,,
Whatsapp: 0086 15013829504, 
WeChat: WeCan365

Peter Lin
Whatsapp: 0086 15013829504

*Lowest melt viscosity
*Best compatibility with all kinds of uneven rough surface inserts
*Massive lamination, Largest sold quantity
*Great performance with affordable price
*Aim for architectural safety laminated glass
*Applied both indoor and outdoor

*Less overflowing during vacuuming heating
*Strengthened safety mechanical properties
*Recommended for extreme environments, safety tempered glazing or curved glass laminating
*Applied both indoor and outdoor
*Replacing PVB Film 

3-Super Milky White EVA Film 0% Visible Light Transmittance
Sandblasting White EVA Film 65% Visible Light Transmittance
Cool Jade White EVA Film 81% Visible Light Transmittance