Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The 3 popular ways of vacuuming lamiante

The 3 popular ways of vacuuming lamianted glass when heating in the oven are:
*silicone vacuum bag, avaialbe in in resue for many cycles
*silicone ring, suitable for curved glass
*vacuum bagging film, usually nylon film, disposable, suitable for any shape and any size of lamianted glass, very flexible, easy to use, suitable for autoclave heating, being more and more popular

And black butyl tape sealant is the tape to forming the vacuum bag, sealing the edges of the vacuum bag.
High temperature sistant,
Completely sealing,
Easy to remove after heating is done,

If you wantto learn more about the vacuuming bagging film method, please read following content:

Disposable Nylon Film Rolls for Forming Vacuum Bag for Laminating Curved Glass in Autoclave
The High Temperature Resistance Nylon Film for making vacuuming bags for laminating curved glass is best best solution for curved laminated glass in autoclave laminating.
You can cut it in various lengths and then by using black butyl tape sealant you can make a close bag around a curved glass to creating a vacuuming room.
It's rejectable and disposal.
It's often used in curved glass laminating, and taken into autoclave.
It's high temperature resistance, so it won't burn.

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*Lowest melt viscosity
*Best compatibility with all kinds of uneven rough surface inserts
*Massive lamination, Largest sold quantity
*Great performance with affordable price
*Aim for architectural safety laminated glass
*Applied both indoor and outdoor

*Less overflowing during vacuuming heating
*Strengthened safety mechanical properties
*Recommended for extreme environments, safety tempered glazing or curved glass laminating
*Applied both indoor and outdoor
*Replacing PVB Film 

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