Saturday, March 28, 2015

Choose Right Glass Sealant for EVA Film Laminated Glass

Choose Right Glass Sealant for EVA Film Laminated Glass
By Peter Lin

1- Neutral Glass Sealant
There are three kinds of glass sealant. They are: Acid, Alkaline, and Neutral.
For laminated glass with EVA FILM(Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer), it's better to use the Neutral Glass Sealant.

2-Test Before Massive Application
It's highly recommended that you do a small quantity test before massive application to make sure the Glass Sealant is friendly to the EVA FILM. You can start test by sealing 3~5 pieces of small laminated glass samples with the Glass Sealant that you are going to use. Observing the laminated glass samples for 2 weeks, if there is no haze, bubbles, or delamination around the edges of the laminated glass samples, then you can start massive applications.

3-Recommendation of Glass Sealant
DOW CORNING 1199, 799, 982, 1200,7091. 

CNC Glass Interlayer 
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Product 2]Milky White EVA Film for safety laminated glass 
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