Monday, June 16, 2014

Thicker EVA Interlayer Film for Safety Laminated Glass Will Be Offered by CNC Glass Interlayer Soon

We have a good news to share with the glass laminators. Our are building a new EVA interlayer film producing line to produce the thicker EVA interlayer film.
Now the thickness of EVA FILM we are producing is 0.38mm, 0.76mm. But more and more clients have inquiried us for thicker EVA interlayer film, for example when they are making tempered glass laminating.

So we are planning to producing the 1.14mm thickness of EVA interlayer film.

There is a common sense in EVA safety glass laminating, it's better to use one layer of  film instead of two layers combinations. 
Because, the combination of two layers EVA interlayer film will absorb more air into the pre-laminated glass, making vacuuming more difficult.
Sometimes, this is the reason of the bubbles of the laminated glass. 

So if we can use one layer of 1.14, it's better than to use the combination of 0.76+0.38.
We will inform you when we are ready to offering the 1.14mm thickness EVA interlayer film.