Saturday, May 24, 2014

Super Clear EVA Interlayer Film for Outdoor Applications
In China, the Architectural safety laminated glass interlayer film should pass the National Standard: GB15763.3-2009.
There are the details requirements of the safety laminated glass interlayer film that can be applied in outdoor environment.
1-Super transparent.
2-Cross link rate, which determines the water resistance, aging resistance, delamination resistance. The safety laminated glass that can be applied in outdoor environment, the cross-link rate must be more than 50%.
3-The EVA Interlayer Film should reduce haze as much as possible.
4-The UV(280nm-400nm wavelength) radiation blocking rate should be more than 98%, this will affect the useful life of the the EVA interlayer film laminated glass. The UV blocking also give the EVA safety laminated glass the power to protect the human being from the harmful UV light. The UV light (280nm-400nm wavelength) contains more energy so it may breaks the link of the EVA composition. The EVA film made by CNC Glass Interlayer can block 99% UV radiations.
5-The adhesive strength to glass surface determines the safety and security of the laminated glass.