Monday, March 24, 2014

Sandblasting Protective Film For Glass Engraving

Sandblasting Protective Film For Glass Engraving

Structure: PVC film + Glue + Paper liner
0.08mm White *1200mm*50M/roll
0.16mm Yellow *1200mm*50M/roll
0.25mm Green *1200mm*50M/roll

Technical Datasheet:
Peel Strength 3.5-8.0N/cm
Tensile Strength 16-28N/cm
Temperature 4-80°C
Elongation 160%

UCOLIN Sandblasting Protective Film is made of polyvinyl chloride as backing material, and coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive.
UOCLIN Sandblasting Protective Film is suitable for sand blasting, glass engraving, the light spraying, deep carving, stone carving, tile carving, etc.
UCOLIN Sandblasting Protective Film owns excellent properties such as:
Excellent insulation,
Good viscosity,
High-tensile strength,
No left glue after peeling;

How do it work?
• The required design is traced out on the PVC.
• The area to be sandblasted is cut and removed.
• The exposed areas are sandblasted.
• The remaining film is removed from the glass surface.

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