Thursday, November 1, 2012

The biggest EVA interlayer film manufacturer in China

The biggest EVA interlayer film manufacturer in China, which had
passed the ISO 9000, ISO9001:2000 certificate.
EVA film is the ideal Substitutes of PVB film. The Price is cheap than
PVB. But the performance can be the same as PVB film.
Our products are mainly included:
1 EVA film for outdoor architectural glass
This kind of film can absorb 99% UV ray radiation, can be applied in outdoor
long-time with no de-lamination and cracks. It will not change the
color for at least 15 years.
2 EVA film for indoor decoration
There are many different kinds of color of this kind of film. This
color EVA film for decoration
can take you a romantic feeling with lively and creative view effect.
3 Size:
Also we can make the size according to your special requirement.
4 Color
High transparent, Ordinary transparent, Opaque color, Translucent
color and Transparent color.