Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cooling the Laminated Glass after Heating

Cooling the Laminated Glass after Heating 
If get the laminated glass out of the silicone vacuum bag too early,  the temperature of the laminated glass is still higher than the room temperature, if the balance is too much, the laminated glass may get burst, or there may be some bubbles around the edges. 
In summer, if the room temperature is high, you can use fan to help cooling the glass.
But anyway, don't stop vacuuming until the temperature of laminated glass is close to the room temperature.  

by peter 
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Hi everybody, I am Peter from China. I have been in EVA FILM industry for many years. As many glass related workers still not believe in EVA FILM, they don't believe that EVA FILM can replace PVB FILM in many fields. 
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