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Laminated Glass Nanhai Hengchang Glass Co.,Ltd

Laminated Glass
Main production equipment: Two domestic sandwich glass production
lines. The max specification for process is 2500*8000mm, and total
thickness is 6.38-75mm, and is two layers or multi-layers, PVB
membrane is 0.38-3.04mm. Our products are transparent sandwich glass,
coating sandwich glass, toughened sandwich glass, artistic sandwich
glass, bulletproof glass, and various kinds of curved sandwich glass.
Product has good performance in windproofness, shock resistance, fire
prevention, sound insulation, anti-penetrability, anti-ultraviolet,
Production technology: washing coating roll-in high pressure
polymerization packaging check
Quality guarantee:The sandwich glass production is carried out
according to the established system of tight quality assurance of
ISO9000 which is evaluated through Australia standard association and
sandwich safety glass products have passed GB9962-9963 , national
standard of China.

Address: Shishan Science and Technology Industrial Zone B, Nanhai
District, Foshan, Guangdong
Postcode: 528225
Contact person: Li maoye, Li boyu.
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Central exchange: 0757-86698201
Hengchang Glass Co.,Ltd
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Xuban Glass Co.,Ltd
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Nanhai Hengchang Glass Co.,Ltd of Foushang City (Hengchang Glass
Co.,Ltd for short) and Xuban Glass Industry Co.,Ltd of Foushan City
(Xuban Glass Co.,Ltd for short), located in district B , Shishan
Science and Technology Park, South Sea Area of Foushan city. They are
engaged in the distribution and production of the original film glass
and deep-processing glass.
Hengchang Glass Co.,Ltd was authorized by Jingjing Science and
Technology Holding Co.,Ltd of Shandong Province, and it was sole
distributor of Jingjin Ultra-white glass in Guangding province.
(Ultra-white glass also known as Crystal glass or Low iron). The
Ultra-white float glass used by the patent technology authorized U.S.
PPG Industries Group Corporation, and carry out the production in
accordance with the quality standards of the PPG provisions, and the
thickness range of products including 3mm~19mm.
In the field of architectural glass, JinJing ultra-white glass has
been used extensively for the Shenzhen Dameishajingji Sheraton Resort
Hotel, Beijing Yintai Building, Nanjing Zifeng Building, Macau
five-stared MGM Hotel, and other well-known construction, and world
famous renovation project of restaurant chains such as LV, CHANEL of
Hong Kong, Macao and overseas.
In the field of home appliances glass, used for the world-renowned
electrical products such as "Hui Er Pu, General Motors, Emerson "
In addition, the company has authorized by Xuxiaozi special glass
(Dalian ) Co.,ltd (the world's largest glass enterprise under the
Xuxiaozi Groups which known as one of the world's 500 largest groups
). It provides the exclusive distribution of its total float glass
products in Guangdong province, and the main thickness of its glass
has 19~25mm(up to 14-meter), and large number of glasses has been used
in the Hong Kong and Macao and overseas market. The company deposits a
large number of these products of various thickness and

Xuban Glass Co.,Ltd engaged in the professional production of
architectural glass and home appliance glass. Architectural glass
includes bending toughed glass, folder-bending plastic glass,
insulating glass and glazing glass. And home appliance glass includes
bending toughed glass and glazing glass. There are two horizontal
safety glass production lines, two horizontal and curved safety glass
production lines, one horizontal successive safety glass production
lines, two successive curved safety glass production lines, one hollow
glass production line, two gluing glass production line and many sets
of equipment for cutting, edging, holing and hot curved glass, which
are related to above- mentioned production line related. The
comprehensive production ability of the plate glass is a pioneer in
the domestic glass industry, and the processing cycle of the
comprehensive products is short to guarantee meeting demands of user.
Guangdong Foshan Super Glass Co.,Ltd has attached great importance to
production technology control, product quality check, and product
research and development through investing a large amount of manpower,
including abundant glass professional personages and intermediate
engineers working in deep process technology and material resources.
The personnel engaged in producing and research all have the working
experience in relevant field for more than ten years. More than tons
of original slices of glass are stored to offer customer with
high-quality products and service.
In sum, Guangdong Foshan Super Glass Co.,Ltd is totally capable to
offer first-class product and first-class service to guarantee both
quality and quantity for customer's enquiry.